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At Reeves Commercial we provide the reassurance of over 25 years experience in the global energy industry. From Asia to Scandinavia, Australia to Europe there's little we haven't seen before and we aren't fazed by new situations. Our job is to combine sharp analytical skills with wit and camaraderie. We tell it like it is - frankly and honestly - while providing solutions to the knottiest of problems. We get to know the personality of your organisation and its people so that we can work together in harmony. Because getting under the skin of your business allows us to give you a better understanding and greater control of risk. So you can look to the future with confidence and improved commercial performance.

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About Garry

Garry Reeves is the Managing Director and owner of Reeves Commercial. He is a highly respected and experienced professional who has lived and worked in the UK, Norway, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, with assignments and projects across the world. In addition to extensive first-hand project experience, Garry has held senior corporate roles including Vice President and Director appointments across project services, contracts, supply chain, business development and commercial functions. He has a broad industry perspective from having worked in consulting, client and contractor organisations.

Garry's professional qualifications include:

Garry is an APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) assessor for RICS applicant members. He made the keynote speech at the 2017 FPSO World Congress in Singapore.


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